Guerrilla Management is a brand and artist management company. We manage brands and bands. Our core principles are built on the belief that the brand, the artist/entertainer and the events that have visceral and  authentic connection to their fans, clients and consumers is the foundation of success and longevity.



Management // Guerrilla Management is an artist and creative brand management company. We manage bands and brands. We advise and provide infrastructure and resources to optimize careers and projects in a high-speed, ever-changing world of entertainment. We build teams, strategies and foundations for creators, innovators, dreamers to optimize the many realms of the entertainment industry where fresh content, new platforms and most importantly integrity are keys to successful, long-standing careers.

Our core principles are built on the belief that the artist, the brand, the project with a direct, authentic connection to their fan-base and consumers is the foundation of success and longevity. We support our clients by listening to what their vision is and together developing a plan to reach goals in the most cutting-edge, provocative and independent manner possible. Creating campaigns and infrastructure that support the vision, smart business and financial planning. We are open source thinkers, collaborators, innovators, creators and expert strategists that connect and execute



Event Production and Brand Partnerships // We love to throw a party! Having produced some of the hottest themed concerts, festivals and events including parties at SXSW tech and music parties, 30+ date Soulshine Yoga/Music Tour to the 80,000 capacity Power To The Peaceful Festival in San Francisco, Bay Area Vibez in Oakland, CA  make our team experts at logistics, budgets, production and branding. It takes an enormous amount of detail and the right crew to execute an amazing, unforgettable experience and event. Selling and living "the experience" is what differentiates events today.

We love concepts. We love lifestyle. We love sharing it with the world. Whether you are an artist, a tech co, a fashion house, a cannabis brand, a food & beverage brand or just an idea - we are here to put the team and the dream together and execute!



Soundtrack Production & Music Supervision // We love movies! We love gaming! We love TV! We love fashion! Our reach to artists and music catalogues from Sync to Master placements or retaining an artist for film scores and soundscapes is vast and varied. 

With over 20+ years in the music industry, we have an expansive network of relationships with brands, corporations, brands, major and independent labels, fashion houses, artists, producers and remixers.